WR-9STL Model ELF/VLF "Natural Radio" Loop-Receiver

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This page is an adjunct to the WR-9STL ELF-VLF "Natural Radio" Receiver Information Page and Listening Guide at http://www.auroralchorus.com/wr9stl_guide.htm.

I am out on a field-recording trip combined with a radio DXpedition and camping trip, and will be busy with our High Desert Music Camp until the 15th October 2017, when I will return and begin shipping out WR-3 orders afterwards.

All orders received before the 15th August 2017 have been shipped - thank you! I look forward to your orders after 15 October!

Stephen P. McGreevy 12 September 2017

This Page Modified 12 September 2017.

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