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PLEASE NOTE: 25 December 2021 - WR-3 Receiver construction is ongoing and I continue to list in batches of 3 to 4 WR-3 Receivers on eBay (vlfradio) monthly or so. They do sell out quickly. Perform an eBay search for "WR-3 ELF-VLF Receiver" and the listing should appear first. Please write me to receive notice of new units ready to be sold & shipped. Thanks everyone, everywhere, for your fascination with Earth's lovely Natural-Radio signals! Please READ the WR_3 Listening Guide FULLY before eBay-ordering, please! Solar Cycle 25 increases slowly and haltingly... - SpM.

Welcome to the Realm of
Natural ELF-VLF Radio Phenomena - Version Four

"The Music of the Magnetosphere and Space Weather"

Eight Audio Albums (MP3/WAV) of Natural ELF-VLF Radio Phenomena: "The Music of the Magnetosphere"
And also links to Seven Radio-DXing/MW-DX/FM-DX/Radio-DXpeditions done globally/radio-beacons/etc. (Internet Archives & SoundCloud Audio/Field-Recording Albums)

"The VLF Story" by Stephen P. McGreevy - (about my ELF-VLF field-recording travels from 1989 to 2018)

The WR-3 ELF-VLF Receiver Listening Guide

Occasional nice whistlers at this time early on Monday 01 October 2018 in the northern Mojave Desert - the best time of year to listen for whistlers - SP McGreevy

Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Gallery 1984 to 2016 Travel (Popular page!)

Mediumwave Radio DX (and FM airchecks) and some natural ELF-VLF radio in Iceland Dec. 2016

Mediumwave Radio DX (and FM airchecks) in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Hams of St. Petersburg, Russia and (very) remarkable ELF-VLF recordings and research (

The Best of Mediumwave DX in Hawaii (1986 to 1991) and on Oahu, Hawaii November 2010

China Photo-Gallery and Radio DXing in China Audio-files - November 2013

Alpha and Omega Radionav. Systems

[STARDUST Capsule re-entry / Leonids meteor-storms FM-skip audio]

Aurora Photo Gallery: 1995 to 2001 Expedition-Travel

Funky Abandoned Hawaii-Island Cars 1986 / 1991

Desert Beauty in Joshua Tree National Park

Photos of LowFER and MedFER folks from the late 1980's

British Antarctic Survey - Port Lockeroy-The (2001) WR-4d-BAS ELF-VLF Receiver built for Port Lockeroy, Antartica

The VLF Story (first written in 1995 and updated to 2018

Build the McGreevy BBB-4 ELF-VLF (e-field) Receiver - simple and fun!

Beautiful Marin Fog | FM-broadcast band DX (1988-2019 Es, Ms, plus VHF-low Band F2 skip) and Analogue-NTSC Television DX (2008-2013)

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A photo-Gallery of my visit to Latvia - September 2009

Travel and Field Photos - Page One

Electromagnetic-Smog Recording Project (Microwaves: Radar/Cell-mobile/4G/WiFi/ovens/etc.)

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Glenn Hauser's World of Radio and DX Listening Digest

Electrically-quiet (little or no-AC-hum) locations I have found beginning in 1989.

RUS-DX - A fine DX Bulletin for the Russian Federation/CIS/Former USSR Baltic States/etc.

The Longwave Club of America

Space Audio (YouTube) from the Fabulous U. Iowa Plasma Wave Group (PWG)

The Western Washington Lightning Location Network website

MICROSFERIC Real-time Lightning Sferic analysis and location(s) of source lightning sferics

Manitoba Aurora - Aug. 1996 photo

A Summer 1996 photo of gorgeous aurora over northern Manitoba, Canada, taken during my Manitoba Solar-Minimum VLF Expedition way back on 22 August 1996. Central/Northern Manitoba, Canada is an excellent region in North America (in late-Summer when it is still mild weather) to see gorgeous Aurora Borealis. If you wish to witness this incredible spectacle for yourself, you don't have to wait until the cold/dark of winter to go northward to see gorgeous Aurora if you head for central/northern Manitoba or Saskatchewan, Canada in late August or early September. I love the vast Canadian Boreal Forest region for its feeling of deep-wilderness! - "The True North Strong and Free."

Furthermore, I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone whom wishes to see the aurora for yourself--from experience I can highly suggest that the finest period is the four weeks surrounding 01 September. Presently, auroral displays and also natural-radio phenomena are at a minimum due to overall minimal solar-activity as we finally-depart a deep Solar-Minimum (late 2020). The Solar-Flux (2800 MHz_ reached 101 on 08 September 2021 and large sunspot groups are appearing at high solar latitudes, thus exhibiting good signs of the coming Cycle 25 rising-up along with a ramping-up of good outbtreaks of fine natural radio listening and phenomena. Aurora appears most frequently and brightly during the equinoctal periods around late-September and early-April (due to the alignment of Earth's magnetic-field and the IPF). Periods of fast solar-wind streams (>500 to 600 km/sec speeds) will often produce nice aurora and potentially a magnetic storm, too -- conditions ripe for whistlers.

Thus, late August through mid-September will definitely present the mildest/warmest weather for viewing (short sleeves/pants weather) Summer Prairie-Beauty Canadian weather! Do head for Canada's High Plains/Boreal Forest region in late Summer. To be deep into the optimal locations under the auroral-oval for the most superb Aurora enjoyment, journey up toward Thompson, Manitoba; The Peace Country of Alberta; or Hay River, NWT (as I did in June 1996). Find an electrically-quiet camping location and enjoy the ELF-VLF show, too! (We are coming out of a very low Solar-Minimum presently and so the signals are considerably more rare and challenging to capture compared to my previous recording-expeditions presented herein.

This is my website presenting the span of the time-period between June 1989 to the present in 2021 that I have been researching and field-recording natural ELF-VLF radio phenomena (primarily) via the Magnetosphere, and other forms of radio "DXing" also.

(The entirety of this Version-Four website is in the Global-Public-Domain - nothing is copyrighted within and was updated on 09 September 2021.

Eight Audio Albums (MP3/WAV) of Natural ELF-VLF Radio Phenomena
"The Music of the Magnetosphere"
(and also links to six radio DXing/MW-DX/FM-DX/Radio DXpeditions done globally/Radiobeacons/etc. (Internet Archives Audio/Photo Albums)


(my friend was riding my nice Trek to take this flash photo long ago in June 2003... near Swansea, Calif. "ghostlette-town.")

Beaconeering the 'Gendarme' beacon 6627.0