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Natural ELF-VLF Radio Phenomena - Version Two

"The Music of the Magnetosphere and Space Weather"

(Enjoy this 'legacy' website as I have decided to publicly depart this realm of radio for other fascinating endeavours...)(Why? click here)

Eight Audio Albums (MP3/WAV) of Natural ELF-VLF Radio Phenomena
"The Music of the Magnetosphere"
(and also links to six radio DXing/MW-DX/FM-DX/DXpeditions done globally/Pir8 Radio/beacons/etc.-albums, too.)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus V: Sferics Anthology.

"Auroral Chorus VI: - ELF-VLF Audio Compilations on SoundCloud

"The VLF Story" by Stephen P. McGreevy - (about my VLF field-recording travels)

Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Gallery | Mediumwave Radio DX (and FM airchecks) and some natural ELF-VLF radio in Iceland Dec. 2016 | Mediumwave Radio DX (and FM airchecks) in St. Petersburg, Russia | The Best of Mediumwave DX in Hawaii (1986 to 1991) and on Oahu, Hawaii November 2010 | China Photo-Gallery and Radio DXing in China Audio-files - November 2013 | Alpha and Omega Radionav. Systems | [STARDUST Capsule re-entry / Leonids meteor-storms FM-skip audio] | [Aurora Gallery - 1995 - 2001]
Hawaii Cars 1986 / 1991 | Desert Beauty in Joshua Tree National Park | Photos of LowFER and MedFER folks from the late 1980's British Antarctic Survey - Port Lockroy (The year 2001) The WR-4d-BAS ELF-VLF Receiver at Port Lockroy
The VLF Story (first written in 1995 and updated to 2017 | Build the McGreevy BBB-4 VLF Receiver - simple and fun! | Beautiful Marin Fog | FM-broadcast band DX (2000-2016) and NTSC Television DX (2008-2013) | Many Natural VLF Radio and Radio DXing MP3 Albums at | A photo-Gallery of my visit to Latvia - September 2009 | The WR-3 ELF-VLF Receiver Listening Guide

Aurora in Alberta Canada 13 Aug 2000

Aurora in Alberta Canada 13 Aug 2000 at about 0200 MDT - Energy and particles from the Sun impacts Earth's Magnetosphere and generates lovely Aurora and Natural-Radio Signals - the radio sounds of "Space Weather."

Manitoba Aurora photo

A Summer 1996 photo of gorgeous aurora over northern Manitoba, Canada, taken during my Manitoba Solar-Minimum VLF Expedition way back on 22 August 1996. Central/Northern Manitoba, Canada an excellent region in North America (in late-Summer when it is still mild weather) to see gorgeous aurora. If you wish to witness this incredible spectacle for yourself, you don't have to wait until the cold/dark of winter to go northward to see gorgeous Aurora if you head for central/northern Manitoba or Saskatchewan, Canada in late August or early September. I love the vast Boreal Forest region! - "The True North Strong and Free."

Furthermore, I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone whom wishes to see the aurora for yourself--from experience I can highly suggest (unfortunately Auroral displays and also natural-radio phenomena are in a very-steep decline now due to declining solar-activity, downward into an upcoming minimum in 2018, although some report signs of the new Cycle 25 with new Sunspots occurring at high solar latitude already) the Aurora best appears most frequently during the *equinoctal* periods around September and April (due to the alignment of Earth's magnetic-field and the IPF).

Thus, late August through mid-September will definitely present the warmest (short sleeves/pants weather!) Summer Prairie-Beauty Canadian weather! Do head for Canada's High Plains/Boreal Forest region in late Summer. To be deep into the optimal locations under the auroral-oval for the most superb Aurora enjoyment, journey up to Thompson, Manitoba or Hay River, NWT (as I did in June 1996). Find an electrically-quiet location and enjoy the ELF show, too! SpM.

A few links below of Eight MP3 Natural VLF Radio Albums

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus II: The Music of the Magnetosphere" Album in MP3 (released 2000)
My extremely popular album once a single CD album now greatly expanded online.

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus V: Sferics Anthology. Also contains some of my 2017 ELF and Radio DX recordings.

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus VI: Audio Compilations on SoundCloud

Stephen P. McGreevy's "August 2000 Solar-Max. Stereo Expedition to Alberta" Album in MP3 (released 2010, Lone Pine, CA)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus IV: The Music of the Magnetosphere - Desert Whistlers"

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Electric-Enigma" Album in MP3 (released 1996, London)

The Best of Hawaiian Mediumwave DX - 1986 to 1991 - S. P. McGreevy, N6NKS at

McGreevy TV and FM-DX MP3 Album (2000 - 2017) at Internet Archives:

Mediumwave/AM Broadcast-band DXpedition (15-21 November 2010) to north-east Oahu, Hawaii (

Another glorious Hawaiian (n.e. Oahu) Sunrise 19 Nov. 2010 after a wonderful night of DXing the MW/AM BCB

Radio DX during travel abroad: Also available (and also DX/local radio reception from Helsinki, Stockholm, and in the midst of the Baltic Sea, at

November 2013 Radio-receiving DXpedition to China:

Click-photo or here to go to China DX/Tour photo-gallery and audio-file links.
Radio-reception DXpediton to China - 03 to 20 November 2013 -

Click-photo to go to China photo-gallery and audio-file links. Radio-reception DXpediton to China - 03 to 20 November 2013 -

Lithuania (9/2009) to China (11/2013) - Eurasian Exotica

My Travel Photography Continued... Click here to jump to my Travel Photography page.

The Western Washington Lightning Location Network website

Click the High Desert Music Camp (HDMC) photo to go to the HDMC website at Internet Archives (2003 to 2017 HDMC). (I enjoy doing professional-level audio-recording of musical-events and acoustic field-recordings - Luke and Sofia from England visited me at my home and then attended our HDMC in October 2013 - Sofia is pictured here - 2017 HDMC was the final event I partook in, as I am relocating out of California in early 2018.

This is my legacy-website and a gateway to all of my natural ELF-VLF radio field-recordings and other radio/DX-related recordings. (I am no longer in public-contact regarding natural radio for the time being - it is time for younger people to take the reins of this pursuit now).
Version Two Begun 09 November 2017 - (website revamped) - Stephen P. McGreevy (N6NKS)

(The entirety of this Version-2 website is in the Public-Domain - nothing is copyrighted within. Stephen P. McGreevy - N6NKS)

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